About us
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Crafting stories for businesses since 2000

Synapse was established in the millennium year 2000, in the heart of Goa, to create powerful storytelling for businesses. And here we are, working with some of the top global brands, solving their business communication problems like our own.


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Goa Office.
Global Clients.

We’re located in Goa but our clientele, located the world over are some of the biggest names in the corporate universe. This includes 4 of the world’s top 10 technology companies, 2 of the world’s biggest fast-food chains, 2 of India’s top pharmaceutical companies, and 3 of India’s most recognized banks. We’ve gone places with clients across India, Singapore, London, Africa, the Middle East, and even the Cayman Islands.

Three knowledge capital companies based in Goa under the Prototyze banner

Unlimited Business Storytelling

Perhaps, we’ve met you earlier as Synapse. Or maybe not. Regardless, we’re now bigger and better (no cliché). Over the past 22 years, we’ve been a part of 3 independent companies – Synapse, Screenroot and Visual Juju. One works on business storytelling, the other designs human-screen interactions, and the third creates video content. Much to the delight of our clients, we’ve integrated our offerings under Prototyze. That’s because clients who came to us for a digital marketing campaign also ask for a fabulous website. And almost everyone wants likes/shares on their video content. It’s all sorted.

Office space of a top communication agency in India

The best of three worlds

Being part of something big has its perks. As Prototyze, we all now work together at our headquarters in an open-plan office at Panjim. It’s not just work that we share. We also share munchies, lunchboxes and cakes for those special occasions. Sounds like a delicious combo.

Awesome Team

Tanmay Modi, CEO of a top storytelling agency.
Shyam Bandekar, design lead of a prime marketing communications company.
Shyam Bandekar
Design Lead
Gauresh Kolgaonkar, design specialist of the most popular digital communications enterprise.
Gauresh Kolgaonkar
Senior Design Specialist
Apurva Rawool, design specialist of a top creative storytelling agency.
Apurva Rawool
Design Specialist
Arnaldo Crasto, design specialist for a leading brand building company.
Arnaldo Crasto
Design Specialist