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Imagine if PPT presentations were never developed. How barren would a presentation be? Would we even call in a presentation? Wouldn’t it be called a talk or a speech? How would an individual or company convince investors? How would businesses showcase their profile?  

1. Introduction

You have to admit that Microsoft’s ‘PowerPoint’ or ‘PPT’ has become a by-word in business communication. The easy to use PowerPoint presentation provides a visual kick to your business ideas or business proposals. With the help of a PowerPoint presentation, your data can be represented via easy to read, visually appealing slides.

Our vision when creating this ‘PPT presentation guide’, was to define all the aspects related to PowerPoint presentations. This guide will answer all your queries related to ‘meaning of PPT presentation’, ‘benefits of PPT presentation’, ‘tips for a good PPT presentation’ and ‘what a PPT presentation design agency does’. So, let’s get started…

2. What is the meaning of a PPT presentation?

A PPT presentation or a PowerPoint slideshow is a digital presentation that is created making use of Microsoft’s PowerPoint software. The software is part of Microsoft’s Office suite, which provides tools for effective business communication.

Through a PPT presentation, users can add visuals, audio, and animations to build slides that can better convey their ideas or stories. It is a fantastic tool for content sharing, as well as for internal collaboration. It is easily one of the world’s most well-known presentation software.

Slides can be easily created, with no knowledge of design required. The effective usage of audio, video, and imagery can elevate the overall impact of a slideshow. Slides are also customizable. PPT presentations can be created using standard templates provided within the software itself.

A PowerPoint presentation will always rely on PPT presenter’s speaking skills. It does, however, helps reduce the presenter’s anxiety by drawing the viewer’s eyes towards the projector screen. It is, therefore, a no brainer that hiring a PPT design agency to custom build a PowerPoint presentation is beneficial.

2.1 What are the benefits of the PPT presentation?

Benefits of presentation

PPT presenters are greatly benefited because there is an increase in visual impact through an effective slideshow presentation. The audience focus is improved. Spontaneity and interactivity are increased as well.

PowerPoint presentations allow your business proposition and business model to stand out. A PPT design can either be a sales PPT, a financial PPT, fundraising PPT, conference PPT or an elevator pitch. 6 benefits of a PPT presentation are:

1. A PPT Presentation Leaves a Lasting Impression

A good impression is important when giving PPT presentations to investors, business stakeholders or clients. PPT presentations help convey your brand identity. Every company has its brand guidelines.

These guidelines are made up of your company vision, marketing collateral, digital presence, company logo, company products, and company offerings. A consistent PowerPoint template creates a brand voice that resonates around your audience.

2. The Visual Impact of PPT Presentation is Massive

A PowerPoint presentation allows the usage of multimedia, graphics, and animation to transform your ideas into effective client solutions. The use of video, audio and visual imagery provides a visual impact.

For a presenter, the seamless blend of text, visuals, and animation allows for better improvisation. This also builds interaction opportunities. The current trends in PPT presentations allow for more robust, engaging, creative and clean template designing. All these can only be achieved by hiring a top PPT presentation design agency.

3. A PPT Presentation Corroborates Ideas

A PPT presentation allows better communication among team members. This collaborative process ensures a streamlined presentation. Each team member can make use of PowerPoint settings to provide useful inputs.

The ‘Review’ tab, for example, allows team members to post insert comments within the document. Leaving these notes (and repositioning them on-screen) also allows you an opportunity to instruct changes to a PPT design agency.

4. PPT Presentations Saves Time

By hiring a presentation design agency, you are saving a lot of time. You just need to provide a presentation brief along with basic content, to get a custom presentation ready. By doing so, you can use the freed-up time to focus on other tasks.

You don’t have to go hunting for visuals. Smooth animations are taken care of. Colors, fonts, and charts are also taken care of by the presentation designers. The layout is set and presentation slides are also arranged in order.

5. PPT Presentations Are Light

PowerPoint slides are easily customizable. You can get a PPT makeover or a PPT touch up done at the same PowerPoint design agency that designed your primary one. The presentation can either be a combination of both text (text-heavy slides are best for lectures) and images.

Presentations can be shared via email or a sharable web link. Carrying it within a flash drive is easy enough. The presentations stored over the web can be accessed from anywhere.

“If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good

Bill Gates

2.2 What are some top tips for a good presentation?

Tips for good presentation

Hiring a PPT design agency will solve all your problems with regards to getting an engaging PPT ready, it’s good to keep the following presentation tips in mind in case you feel the need to create a presentation yourself.

  1. Less is more

More visuals and reduced text characters work best for any presentation design. Audiences hate it when a presenter has to read through each slide. Instead, visuals convey the message effectively. Font size needs to be paid special attention to. The distance between the projection and the audience must be considered when selecting font size.

2. Key message

Another useful tip would be to build the presentation around a key message. Identifying this key message, and then communicating it effectively is crucial. The message could be a benefit, a highlight, or an important juncture in a journey. The core message is what the audience will take away from the presentation.

3. Avoid clutter

Avoid using information that takes the audience’s attention away from the key message. That means, there is no need to include any detailed information, no background information on any point or topic, no unwanted trivia, no long explanations, etc. Instead, add strong quotes, illustrations, and relevant stats.

4. Slide count

Well, there is no universal law that states how many slides a presentation deck must-have. Ideally, for a 30-minute presentation, 15-18 slides seem fine. Ensure that every slide has a singular message on them.

5. Visual aid

Make sure a visual accompanies the key message on each slide. The major takeaways on your slide need to be visually highlighted. Visuals are an excellent way to eliminate unwanted text. Data visualization can be used to present statistics & numbers. Also, remember to make use of good quality stock images (another reason why a design agency will do an awesome job).

3.  What is the 10-20-30 rule in PPT?

It was Guy Kawasaki who framed the 10-20-30 rule. The rule simply states that:

  • Your PPT presentation should contain no more than ’10’ slides
  • You must speak for up to ‘20’ minutes per presentation
  • The smallest font size to be used is ‘30’ within your PPT

10 slides per presentation can be limit what you wish to convey. Just because one guy says “10 slides is the limit”, does not mean you let go off precious data that is necessary for your pitch deck. It is, however, good practice to trim down on unwanted content from your slides. Getting clutter off your slides also helps the PPT design agency to craft purposeful PPTs. Often, a single image can express what 5 lines of text can’t.

But realistically, is it possible to contain the content of your PPT to 10 slides? What about a product launch PPT? What if you are asked by your company to break down your annual report and present it as an annual report PPT? Also, only you can tell how many slides are needed for you to convey your message across. The presentation could need 25 slides, 40 slides or maybe just 1. It all depends on how clearly and effectively you can get the point across.

20 minutes per presentation sounds fair too. Unnecessary jokes can be cut down on. Useless pleasantries such as “It gives me great honor”, “I would like to thank…” etc. can be omitted too. Instead of narrating a story about how you went about creating the PPT, focus on the key story of the presentation.

What if you are provided with just 12-minutes to present an idea? You also need to keep in mind the time to be allotted to answering audience queries. What if there is a power cut? In such a case, you will need to hurry on with the presentation.

30. font size ensures your audience will be able to read the content. There could be instances where the projector screen could be located several meters away from the last row of the seated audience.

While this acts as an excellent barometer, you do need to keep in mind the lighting within the auditorium. Is a 30, font size enough for the audience to read clearly in such low light? If in doubt, simply increase the font size.

4. What does a presentation design agency do?

Hire a presentation design agency

A successful PPT presentation is all about leaving an impression. Your presentation design shouldn’t just look awesome; it should also tell a story. Copy and pasting random content or adding visuals is something that anyone can do. What matters most is its effectiveness. It’s natural for many of us

Your slides need to look the part. It cannot be a half-hearted presentation. In case you are looking to pitch for a startup idea, your presentation is the first impression to investors. We all know what happens when you fail your first impression. Avoid this risk. Hire a professional presentation design agency to create believable and visually appealing PowerPoint presentations.

We are putting down 7 good reasons to hire a professional presentation design agency. We are doing this because we know how important a convincing presentation is in the world today.

A quick disclaimer: There are tons of things that a PPT design agency does best. From getting intricate animation look seamless to making your provided content look crisp.

We are only going to look at 7 basic additions that a PPT design company brings to your presentation deck.

1. A presentation design agency keeps the audience in mind

During the collecting of data or research aid, you may forget to address the primary purpose of the presentation – the audience. A presentation design agency will always ask you first to brief them well by asking the following questions:

  1. What do you want to tell your audience?
  2. What do they expect from your presentation?
  3. How much would your audience already know?
  4. Which slides are of most importance?
  5. What can the PowerPoint presentation teach your audience?

Answer these questions clearly to allow the PPT slide design agency to do its magic.

2. Leave the composing to the presentation design agency

Instead of inviting a suspicion of plagiarism to your content by copy & paste, let the presentation design agency make your content better. Avoid presenting a rag rug of a pitch deck. What you should be presenting is a consistent deck that will help your audience to focus only on the essentials.

PPT design tip: Don’t be enticed with Google fonts just because you feel it will improve your PPT. Leave the decision making of font sizes, visuals, colors, etc. on the deck design agency.

3. A presentation design agency adds consistency

If you hire a PPT making agency, then be assured about seeing a consistent font size and font face on all your slides. The agency designers know which professional presentation template to select, based on your requirements.

Matching colors is also a skill that is used by professional presentation agencies. There will be no funky looking PPT template. There will be no unwanted Excel charts. The font sizes for text and headers should again be consistent. If your content for a particular slide involves a wall of text, then that is bound to make the audience confused. With a presentation design agency, that won’t be the case.

4. A presentation design agency works wonders

A presentation design agency will turn your dull and cluttered preliminary presentation into a work of art. They will do this by making use of color to highlight your key message. Colors make numbers standout, thereby aiding in your ‘take-home message’ to pop out.

A top PPT template design agency will match colors to your PPT design. Good contrast will be surely used to highlight your message. Black text on a white background works best. It’s something you don’t need to tell a PowerPoint design agency. They will use colors vividly based on your template design requirement. All this is good, but ensure the content you provide to a design agency (in case you don’t, not a problem) is crisp.

5. A presentation design agency keeps it simple

You can expect a K.I.S.S abbreviation here…Keeping It Straight & Simple. This means a good presentation design agency will ensure proper keywords are present over all your slides with no use of full sentences.

The use of animations and media will not be hoarded on to your presentation. They will be used in the right context, thanks to the experienced designers at a presentation design agency. 

6. A presentation design agency leaves a message

Even if you forget to provide a ‘take-home message’ in your presentation, a top design agency will ensure you have that within your presentation. A ‘take-home message’ is anything that will be remembered by your audience.

This message is a summary of your key data points. An hour-long presentation would need multiple ‘take-home’ messages. It needs to be memorable, and so it will be. It’s best you allow the PPT design service to create a ‘take-home message’ that conveys the message visually. It could either be via a video or graphics.

7. Imagery is never forgotten by a presentation design agency

A good principle is to have more images on each slide than text. A presentation design agency understands that visuals are your friends. They are perfect to support your message and illustrate your points. Your content will always be king. Therefore, don’t make use of imagery simply to decorate.

The overuse of images can lead to distraction. They need to be used simply to compliment or reinforce your message. Good PowerPoint designers will use images to explain the presentation as a story.


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