Case Study

Reliance Spectrum 7.0 Social Media Campaign

Spectrum - Reliance Industries' annual event focused on employee learning and development.

Social media campaign, post designs, GIFs, Strategy and ORM



  • Consistently engaging employees and encouraging their active participation.
  • Conveying the event benefits in an interesting and compelling manner.
  • Maintaining synchronization across social media postings on multiple platforms.


We designed a series of dynamic videos and graphics to capture employees’ attention, fostering participation and building anticipation for Reliance Spectrum 7.0.



  • Interactive and visually appealing content, showcasing the event’s key features and benefits.
  • User-generated content to drive engagement and foster a sense of community.


  • Increased employee engagement and active participation in Reliance Spectrum 7.0.
  • Improved communication and understanding of the event’s value proposition.
  • Enhanced brand perception and employee satisfaction through effective social media outreach.

Our social media campaign effectively engaged employees, generated excitement, and showcased the value of Reliance Spectrum 7.0, creating a vibrant and inclusive digital experience for all participants.