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What is branding?

There’s no simple way to describe branding. It’s probably easiest explained as giving a distinctive name and image to yourself, your business, and the products and services that you intend on selling to consumers. This will ensure that consumers buy these and remember them for a long time after. But branding is so much more than just giving products and services a visual identity with logos and colors. What it does is give you a proper identity. This helps set you apart from any competitors and explain what you’re offering and why it makes you the best choice. 

Before social media, branding was done through print media and television but didn’t have much of a reach. Today, with instant access to the Internet, there’s more exposure at a much higher rate. This gives consumers more options to choose from and increases the competition in the market. We’ve compiled 5 reasons that insist on the importance of branding in this day and age. 

1. It helps creates and build trust in your business
It helps creates and build trust in your business In order to function properly and last in the market, your business needs to be branded properly. That being said, branding also helps to create and build trust with consumers. If there are any key elements missing from the brand you create, consumers won’t give you a second glance which is the opposite of what you want. Therefore, you have to ensure that you get all the details right when it comes to branding your business. Not only is it a great investment but it shows that you have credibility. Consumers will get to know all about your business, what it’s got to offer, and that you’re here for the long haul.

2. Your business will be more easily recognized
Building a brand for your business is crucial. With strong branding for your business, you’re more likely to get noticed as opposed to a business that hasn’t built a brand for itself. Take a big name brand like Samsung that is so visible that everyone, everywhere is buying their products. Therefore, even if consumers only see your brand for a minute, there’s always a chance that it will remain in their minds and resurface when they want your products and services.

3. It goes hand in hand with advertising (which you need)
Any good entrepreneur knows that along with a great brand, you need to keep advertising. Both of these go hand-in-hand. Trying to advertise a business without a brand isn’t going to get you anywhere. No one will take it seriously which is why you need to ensure that you create a great and strong one that is true to your values and beliefs, and unique to your products and services. Advertising a properly branded business will ensure that people recognize the business as credible and worth a second thought and look.

4. It increases employee morale by a lot
Another key point to note here is that great branding not only increases company value but also employee morale. If you create a brand that your employees are happy to be a part of and actually make a part of themselves in turn, it reflects positively on customers as well as the business. There are various aspects here that can help employees be motivated. For example, if you look at big-name brands like Nike, Zara, Mango, etc. Their employees can usually be found sporting their apparel and footwear as a way of advertising what these businesses have to offer. Ultimately they are happy to wear the clothing which motivates them and creates a spirit of unity, which brings great results all around.

You’ll get a loyal customer base

Great branding can turn your business from something unapproachable to something much more human and relatable. After all, you want consumers to remember you and come back multiple times. This is where you can use branding to appeal to their emotions. It will help and encourage you to build long-lasting relationships with consumers. Ultimately, you’ll be able to build up a loyal customer base, which is something that other businesses might not use to their advantage. 

Need great branding for your business?

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