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What is Content Marketing?

First, we need to understand what content marketing means. While many may have heard it at some point in time, it’s not really a term that they may be completely familiar with. This kind of marketing strategy involves creating and then sharing information through videos, blogs, and social media posts) across multiple platforms. It isn’t done to directly promote a brand but is done with the purpose to garner interest in its products or services. 

Today, more than 90% of businesses across the world have adopted this marketing strategy to attract, engage, and retain potential and existing customers in order to grow. While there is a lot of work involved in doing so, it’s well worth the effort in the long run.  

What are Some of the Benefits? 

Content marketing, when done properly, becomes genuinely beneficial to your business in a number of ways. Let’s learn more about some of these benefits, below. 

Higher Ranking in Search Engines and More Organic Traffic

When people look for information about anything on the Internet they make use of specific keywords or phrases in their search. Content marketing can help increase your business’s visibility and ranking. What you’re looking to do is drive more potential customers to your business and also generate more viable leads for business growth.  

More Conversions from Leads

Every potential customer has scoured the Internet for information on products and services. Creating and sharing high-quality, timeless content can help you build trust with them and bring them closer to you. Ultimately, what they’re looking for is a trustworthy brand to help solve whatever problems they have. The minute your business becomes helpful to them, they become more comfortable with buying products and services and even encouraging their family and friends to interact with you. 

Increase in Engagement

It’s important to be consistent about creating effective and engaging content for and about your brand. Two things will happen – more clicks and views on the content and visitors will stick around for longer on your website or any other site that you deploy this content. Going by the analytics, the search engine is likely to take notice of all this engagement and increase your ranking. Ultimately, you’ll have won doubly. 

Cost-effective with a Possible Higher ROI

It’s no secret that a lot of businesses spend lakhs of rupees on more traditional marketing methods such as banner ads, billboards, commercials, etc. This kind of marketing might be effective but it’s expensive and doesn’t always guarantee great returns on investment (ROI).  

On the other hand, content marketing makes use of low to no-cost methods such as blogging, podcasting, posting videos, social media, etc. to engage the public. Given that most people use the Internet for every little thing, they also tend to engage more with brands that utilize content marketing. In doing so, the chances for a higher ROI are more than what they are with conventional marketing methods.  

We Know What You Need When It Comes to Content Marketing

These are just a few ways in which content marketing would be beneficial for your business. We do this and a whole lot more for businesses in different industries across India. To learn more, call us on 1800 121 5955 (India) or email us at You can also find information on the other services we offer, on our website.