Case Study

Doc Vidya - Logo Design

Doc Vidya, by Dr. Reddy's - A portal providing therapeutic KOL webinars, videos, and updates.

Branding exercise



  • Creating a logo that represents and connects with all of Doc Vidya’s services.
  • Ensuring brand language alignment with Dr. Reddy’s, the parent company.


We crafted a special logo that reflected Dr. Reddy’s brand language while symbolizing the diverse services offered by Doc Vidya.



  • Integration of Dr. Reddy’s brand elements with customized symbols representing each vertical.
  • Coherence in brand language and visual aesthetics across all communication materials.


  • Strong brand association and recognition for Doc Vidya’s services.
  • Consistent brand representation across all verticals, establishing trust and familiarity.

Our modern logo design successfully unified the diverse verticals of Doc Vidya while maintaining a strong connection to the parent brand, Dr. Reddy’s, thereby establishing a cohesive and trustworthy brand presence.