Case Study

Medanta - Weekly Emailer Design

Medanta Global Health Limited - A renowned hospital chain offering advanced and affordable healthcare services.

Infographic content and communication mailer design



  • Simplifying complex data for easy comprehension by a wide audience.
  • Making the content captivating and informative for employees and customers.
  • Designing visually appealing infographics suitable for various mediums.

The Solution

We transformed the data into visually appealing infographics, ensuring clarity and easy assimilation.



  • Systematic flow and organization of information for effortless understanding.
  • Engaging infographics designed to accommodate multiple platforms, including blogs and websites.


  • Increased readership and comprehension of medical statistics among employees and customers.
  • Enhanced interest and engagement with the mailers’ content through our emailer design.
  • Improved dissemination of medical knowledge through shareable infographics.

By combining information design with captivating visuals, our solution transformed weekly mailers into valuable and enjoyable resources for Medanta’s audience.