Case Study

PIA and GDIZ Branding

PIA and GDIZ - Two Integrated Industrial Platforms (IIPs) developed by Arise IIP in West Africa.

Branding exercise, nomenclature, logo design



  • Establishing a unique tone of voice for each company while adhering to Arise’s brand language and guidelines.
  • Balancing visual consistency with the need for individual identity for PIA and GDIZ.
  • Designing logos that are reminiscent of Arise’s branding but distinguishable to maintain separate identities.


We developed visually distinct logos that incorporated Arise’s colours, fonts, and elements while maintaining individuality.



  • Consistency in brand language across all platforms.
  • Unique elements and colour schemes to differentiate PIA and GDIZ while aligning with Arise’s branding.


  • Strengthened brand recognition and differentiation for both PIA and GDIZ.
  • Enhanced brand perception as subsidiaries of Arise with their own identities.

Our branding strategy successfully harmonized the brand identities of PIA and GDIZ with their parent company, Arise, creating a cohesive yet distinctive presence for each subsidiary.