Case Study

Reliance - Social Media Campaign

The Ultimate Pitch (TUP) - Reliance Industries' renowned B-School competition celebrating innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Social media campaign, post designs, GIFs, Strategy and ORM


  • Capturing the interest of students and motivating their participation.
  • Consistently promoting the campaign across various social media channels.
  • Creating visually appealing and engaging content to drive student engagement.


We crafted a social media campaign, utilizing user-generated content and captivating visuals to tell a compelling story around TUP 8.0.



  • Interactive content formats, including videos, graphics, and student testimonials.
  • Consistent and synchronized messaging across all social media platforms.


  • Increased student engagement and participation in TUP 8.0.
  • Heightened brand visibility and recognition on social media.
  • Amplified excitement and anticipation for the competition among the target audience.

Our social media campaign successfully sparked student interest, generated enthusiastic participation, and positioned TUP 8.0 as an exciting and prestigious event for B-School students.