Case study

SleepX Branding

SleepX - An online-exclusive company specializing in customized mattresses and pillows, prioritizing orthopaedic support and cool gel technology.

Brand launch, 360 degree collateral design



  • Differentiating SleepX from conventional mattress advertisements.
  • Building trust among customers for an online-only business model.
  • Creating a brand identity separate from its parent company, Sleepwell.

the Solution

We shifted the narrative by focusing on the benefits of quality sleep instead of traditional sleep imagery by using our branding collateral design.



  • Showcasing the transformative impact of good sleep on overall well-being through our creative collateral design.
  • Leveraging relatable scenarios and emotions to connect with the audience.


  • Increased brand recognition and differentiation in the mattress market.
  • Improved customer trust and engagement with SleepX.
  • Established SleepX as a forward-thinking and customer-centric brand.

Our branding approach enabled SleepX to stand out by highlighting the importance of restful sleep in a refreshing and relatable manner.