Case Study

Yotta - Brand Launch Campaign

Yotta Infrastructure - A leading provider of scalable Data Center parks in India, catering to the country's growing digital needs.

Branding exercise, logo design, launch communication



  • Creating a brand identity for a new entrant in the data center industry.
  • Establishing a distinct market presence amidst competitors.
  • Generating awareness and recognition of the brand among the target audience.


We developed a brand identity that encapsulated Yotta Infrastructure’s essence and values, complemented by engaging collaterals for pre and post-launch activities.



  • Strategic positioning of the brand’s essence, reliability, and scalability.
  • Compelling collaterals, including informative brochures, videos, and digital assets.


  • Successful brand launch campaign with strong market positioning.
  • Increased brand awareness and recognition within the target market.
  • Enhanced customer engagement and trust in Yotta Infrastructure’s data center services.

Our branding efforts positioned Yotta Infrastructure as a leading provider in the data center industry, effectively capturing attention and establishing a reputation for reliability and scalability.